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Does Arkansas License Independent Cannabis Testing Labs?

Arkansas must approve an independent testing laboratory through its Department of Health (DOH) for the laboratory to test medical cannabis and medical cannabis products legally in the state. Such a laboratory must complete and submit a Medical Marijuana Testing Laboratory Information form to complete an approval process with the Arkansas DOH. Note that recreational cannabis is not yet legal in the state.

Requirements for Marijuana Testing Labs in Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Health only allows approved laboratories to test cannabis. Per the DOH regulations, an approved laboratory refers to a laboratory accredited by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), or a similar accrediting entity as determined by the Department of Health, and that has been approved by the DOH specifically for the testing of usable marijuana.

Arkansas Required Tests for Cannabis Products

A cultivation facility or dispensary in Arkansas is required to test every batch of usable marijuana, intended for sale and use prior to transferring the usable marijuana, for the following:

  • Pesticides
  • Water activity and moisture content
  • THC, THCA, CBD, and CBDA concentration or potency
  • Heavy metals

Concentrates and extracts must be tested for:

  • Pesticide
  • Solvents
  • THC and CBD concentration
  • Heavy metals

A cultivation facility or dispensary must also test a process lot of a cannabinoid concentrate or extract for microbiological contaminants.

How Do Arkansas Marijuana Testing Labs Submit and Report Test Results?

According to Section II of the Arkansas Department of Health Rules and Regulations, within 24 hours of a laboratory completing a data review and approval procedure for a test result, the lab must report all failed tests, except for failed water activity, to the Department of Health electronically if performing testing for a cultivation facility or dispensary. This rule must be followed even if the laboratory reanalyzes a sample. Other testing results must also be reported to the Department of Health as prescribed by the Department.

A laboratory reporting a failed test result to the Department of Health must report the failed test at the same time or before reporting to the cultivation facility or dispensary submitting the sample for analysis. Arkansas laws also require the Department of Health to report the results of samples failing pesticide tests to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

How Much Does It Cost to Test Cannabis in Arkansas?

The cost of testing cannabis in Arkansas varies. Typical costs for medical cannabis sample testing are:

  • Potency testing: $50-$120 per sample
  • Pesticide screening: $150-$300 per sample
  • Microbial testing: $100-$150 per sample
  • Residual solvent testing: $75-$125 per sample

What Happens to Cannabis Products That Fail Lab Tests in Arkansas?

Per Section XVIII of the Arkansas Board of Health Rules and Regulations, the same lab may reanalyze the sample if a sample fails an initial laboratory test. If the sample passes the reanalysis test, another laboratory is required to resample the batch and confirm the result in order for the batch to pass testing.

If a sample fails a test or reanalysis, the batch may be remediated, sterilized, or destroyed in a manner specified by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC). If a sample from a batch of usable marijuana fails microbiological contaminant testing, the batch may be used to make a cannabinoid extract or concentrate if the processing method effectively sterilizes the batch.

If a sample from a cannabinoid concentrate or extract batch fails a microbiological contaminant test, the batch may be further processed if the processing method used effectively sterilizes the batch. A batch that fails a test for microbiological contaminant after sterilization must be destroyed.

Arkansas law also provides for resting and remediation if a sample fails solvent, water activity, and potency testing. However, the entire batch must be destroyed if a sample fails a test after undergoing remediation or sterilization as permitted under the Arkansas Department of Health rules. Also, if a sample from a batch fails testing for pesticides, the batch may not be remediated and must be destroyed.

List of Cannabis Testing Labs in Arkansas

There are currently 5 approved medical marijuana testing laboratories in Arkansas. The Arkansas Department of Health lists their addresses as:

AA Analytics, LLC 807 S. Old Missouri Rd., Suite C Springdale, AR 72764 Phone: (479) 334-5197

Arcanna Analytics, LLC 4333 East 43rd Street North Little Rock, AR Phone: (501) 658-7645

Felling Analytical Services and Technology 232 South Broadview Street Greenbrier, AR 72058 Phone: (501) 679-2616

Marygold Laboratories 2 Lile Court - Suite 102-B Little Rock, AR 72205 Phone: (501) 482-3070

Steep Hill Arkansas 11711 Hermitage Road, Suite 6 Little Rock, AR 72211 Phone: (501) 516-8028

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