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How Much Does the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

Qualified medical cannabis patients and caregivers in Arkansas must have state-issued MMJ cards to participate in the Arkansas medical marijuana program. The state issues them new medical marijuana cards when they join or renew their registrations. When submitting their applications, patients must provide signed certification forms from their physicians attesting that they were diagnosed with qualifying medical conditions and would benefit from medical marijuana treatment.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Arkansas requires a patient applying to join its medical cannabis program to visit a state-registered physician and obtain a written medical marijuana certification. The cost of this consultation depends on the rate charged by the physician’s practice. Generally, a patient should expect to pay $100 - $250 for this visit to their physician.

Arkansas Medical Cannabis Card Fee

The Arkansas Department of Health only issues medical marijuana registry ID cards to patients with complete applications. This Department provides application forms for patients and caregivers. The cost of registration, and medical cannabis card, for a patient or caregiver joining the Arkansas medical marijuana program is $50. A designated caregiver, who is not the parent of a minor child applicant, must pay $87 to also cover the cost of a criminal history check. The Department of Health only accepts checks and money orders for medical cannabis cards and registration fees.

Cost of Renewing an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card

Arkansas charges $50 for its medical marijuana registry application renewal. This renewal fee applies both to patients and caregivers. A renewal application must be submitted no later than 30 days before the expiration of a current medical marijuana card to give the Department of Health ample time to send the patient or caregiver a new MMJ card.

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